Around the Cheshire area, Healthcare Matters have established themselves as one of the best companies around when it comes to supplying and installing straight or curved stairlifts, with speedy service, knowledgeable office staff and field representatives and the sole distribution rights in the Cheshire area to supply the DEVI-UP it has left other companies struggling to compete!

The stairlifts supplied by Healthcare Matters not only are high quality, but they are simple to use, easy on the eye, and will seamlessly blend into your home environment.

Healthcare Matters Stairlifts aim to uphold the best service and support in the whole of the Cheshire area. No matter whether you are buying, hiring, or reselling a stairlift, we aim to make the process as smooth and simple as possible and with our 14 years industry knowledge, we are often best equipped to see this promise through!

Cheshire Straight Stairlifts

When assessing for a stairlift the first thing we look for is the staircase type, if the staircase runs straight, from bottom to top then a straight stairlift, this is where the stairlift carriage runs straight with no bends or turns in the track.

Close to 65% of the stairlifts we install in Cheshire are straight stairlifts (most being on a 13 step staircase).

The most popular straight stairlift we install in the Cheshire area is Bruno’s Elite indoor straight stairlift. We also put in alot of reconditioned straight stairlifts in the area.

An estimate for the cost of a straight stairlift in Cheshire is around £1700 installed, there are many variables and factors that can affect this, please see “how much does a stairlift cost?” for more information on the price of a straight stairlift.


Staircases with direction changes such as L shaped and U shaped staircases require a curved stairlift.

Around 35% of stairlifts installed by us in the Cheshire area are curved stairlifts. With curved staircases often varying from house to house there is not usually a “one size fits all” stairlift that can be installed, you will need a stairlift assessment doing in order for your stairlift to fit your stairs.

Healthcare Matters stairlifts have sole distribution rights in the Cheshire area to the patented DEVI UP stairlift range, this enables us to both draw the lift in front of the customer and build the stairlift (using generic stock pieces) on the spot! This can completely remove the common 6-10 week lead time on manufacturing your stairlift (that you would have to do with other companies in this area.)

Curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts, this is due to them needing track bending or curved pieces adding to the rail, it also is more difficult to fit.