How did stairlifts become so affordable?

It’s a great question, and the simple answer is – technology. Due to some clever design and very-smart engineering a stairlift from Healthcare Matters is now more affordable and obtainable than ever before.

Anyone in the market on behalf of themselves or a loved one may well have experienced that moment of panic when you picture huge capital outlay and weeks, maybe months of planning and disruption.

Now, we’re not saying it’s the most affordable purchase you’ll make this year, on the contrary whilst much cheaper than ever before a new stairlift is still a significant investment but we think you’ll be delighted to know about the options available to you now.

Stairlift Rental

Until recent times this simply was not an option so what has changed?

As before it’s all about technology, smart design and clever engineering.

Developments in the field of stairlifts were at a stand-still for a long time. But now there is the ‘UP’ from DeVi- Stairlifts.

A stairlift that, thanks to the patented modular rail construction, can be installed within 4 hours without the delaying intervention of a factory.

You can easily configure the stairlift via the webshop and the rail lengths are known immediately.

That sounds really functional but how will it look?

DeVi-Stairlifts have taken furniture designer Richmond on board who have created a very comfortable seat with a beautiful design. We believe that this smart design will look great in any home. Design has come along way since the plastic seat and clunky metal machinery that we all know so well!

Can it really be installed in as little as 4 hours?

Yes! It’s a real game changer and it keeps disruption to a minimum!

Buying a Stairlift

There are many reasons why rental is a solid option, especially when prices start at just £10 per week but we recognise that it’s not for everyone and many people still wish to buy their stairlift.

The point is, it’s your choice and you have a plethora of options that we can help you with to find out what’s best for you. Just talk to us, we’re here to help.

Straight or Curved?

Whether your stairs require a straight up and down stairlift or they curve somewhere along the route we can help. Our straight stairlifts leave plenty of room on the stairs for those walking due to the sleek, elegant designs on offer and our curved stairlifts offer a tailored solution to suit the layout of your home.