How Much Does a Stairlift Cost? | The True Price of a Stairlift

Common questions from people interested in purchasing/renting a stairlift often follow the lines of:

  • “How much does a stairlift cost?”

  • “What are the running costs of a stairlift?”

  • “Do I need to pay VAT on a stairlift?”

  • “Can I get funding for my stairlift?”

In this article, we aim to address all of the questions above and leave you feeling fully clued up on everything to do with stairlift prices and cost that will be endured when buying one!

A new stairlift purchase can give a new lease of life to the person it is for, ensuring safety for people with poor mobility that struggle to use the stairs can both enable freedom and assist in people living in their own homes for as long as possible, having access to a bedroom/using rooms upstairs is extremely good for mental health and general mood. The limiting factor in deciding to purchase a stairlift often falls down to the question “how much does a stairlift cost?”

8 Factors That Affect The Cost of Your Stairlift

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The price of a stairlift falls down to 8 main factors listed below in our handy guide. We have tried to keep them in importance order.

  1. The main factor in determining the cost of a stairlift is whether a curved stairlift or straight stairlift is required.

    • A straight stairlift will be much cheaper – this is due to the lift only needing a “straight track” which is both easier and cheaper to manufacture, straight stairlifts are also easier to install so less costs are incurred when paying a company to fit the stairlift.
    • A curved stairlift will generally be more expensive (as a rough guide/ballpark figure we estimate that the average price of a curved stairlift will be 2-3 times more expensive than the average cost of a straight stairlift.) – the reason for this being that curved sections of track are more difficult and expensive to manufacture, curved stairlifts bending track also makes it more difficult to install which often means incurring more costs in the installation.
  2. Is the path at the foot of the staircase and the landing of the staircase clear and unused?

    • Obstructions in the way of the path of the stairlift may have to be removed ensuring there is a clear path for the stairlift to travel. It could also however mean that you need additional features on the stairlift such as a powered hinge, which would prevent the stairlift being left out at the top/bottom of the staircase or even in a doorway, these modifications add an expense to the cost of a stairlift.
  3. The company used

    • High on the list, but one of the things that can most influence the cost of your stairlift is the company you buy it from, as a stairlift is unique system tailored to the individuals staircase it is difficult for manufacturers to put a ceiling price on that the distributors must stick to, it is for this reason that it is important to find a transparent company which doesn’t add hidden costs throughout the process (ask for the costs to be broke down on the quote making sure the install has been quoted for in the cost and also ensure there is no hefty collection charge.)
  4. New stairlift or reconditioned stairlift?

    • The cost of a new stairlift is naturally more expensive than the cost of a used & reconditioned stairlift. Most manufacturers can fit reconditioned straight stairlifts easily – they may even have one for your staircase in stock, this is due to the staircase for the stairlift being straight, there are usually other staircases just like it that have had a staircase removed from that can be fitted to your staircase once reconditioned.
    • The difficulty starts to creep in when you are looking for a reconditioned curved stairlift, as the stairlifts have often been made specifically for the curved staircase they were first installed at. Two ways around this are:
      • finding a curved staircase model that has come off a curved staircase either identical or close to your staircase
      • Find a UP stairlift dealer, this curved stairlift can be reused on different shaped curved staircase, if the staircase is a different shape then the pieces can be adjusted to and new parts can also be added if necessary, this is in our opinion the best way to find a reconditioned curved stairlift, however; bare in mind that there will only be one UP dealer in your area, if you want any help finding who this is then if you contact us we will be more than happy to assist
  1. The extent of the cover provided by and the duration of the warranty

    • The warranty can affect long term costs, check the warranty isn’t just a parts warranty and some stairlift companies can offer a warranty extended from 1 year if you take out a service package with it, this can often work out cheaper than the expensive call out and repair charges these companies can charge once the equipment is in.
  2. The maintenance contract provided

    • IT IS OF UPMOST IMPORTANCE that you check the details in your maintenance contract, companies in the industry have been known to charge extortionate amounts for service and maintenance contracts, check what you get in the service contract, as what is recommended and what is obligatory are not the same and companies can take advantage of this.
  3. Buyback/Resale value/collection charges

    • If your equipment is of good condition and you no longer need it, some companies will buy it back from you, whereas others will charge you hundreds for taking the equipment our of your home, unfortunately this is something you need to discuss with the supplier before purchasing the stairlift.
  4. Pressure Sales (read company reviews)

    • The last point of the list is a warning which is important to bare in mind, check the reviews on a company before letting them into your home to do a free assessment, not only will this ensure they are a legitimate business with insurance and background checks etc but it will advise you whether they use a “pressure sales” tactic, this tactic is known to make you make decisions without having time to mull them over which naturally, may result in you overpaying for your stairlift.

A Rough Idea of Stairlift Prices

With many factors contributing to the price of a stairlift it is impossible to give stairlift prices without a home assessment being out; however we have worked out some rough ballpark figures in order for you to get “some idea” of how much you are likely to be spending:


The average cost of a straight stairlift – £1700 installed (new model, (straight reconditioned stairlift would be cheaper) standard rail, no extra works)

The average cost of a curved stairlift – £4800 (costs can massively fluctuate depending on staircase size and shape)

The average cost of a outdoor stairlift – £2500 (depending on length and location)

The provided rough stairlift prices are just a very rough indicator, for curved stairlifts particularly it is extremely hard to determine the cost due to the different requirements of curved staircases.

Also this is not including any extras that the lift may need for your specific requirements such as powered hinges, powered swivel footrests retracting arms etc.

When buying a reconditioned stairlift ensure that it comes with a warranty, most reputable companies will be able to offer a warranty with reconditioned equipment, not only does this signify their confidence in the product they are selling but will also cover you for the repair of parts or labour in the instance of an equipment failure, however this will not usually include damage done by misuse.

Deciding On Your Optional Extras

It is important to take due care and attention when selecting the optional extras with your stairlift. This will be the cheapest time to add extras, and although they add cost to your stairlift, the accessories can make the stairlift a lot more functional and make the person using it feel safer.

Common adaptions include: powered swivel, powered folding footrest, angled rise, powered lifting footrest, wider seats, safety belts and harnesses, extra remotes, changed joystick positions and many more. Make sure all your requirements are discussed when you have a home assessment so that the product provided to you meets all your needs.

Reselling A Used Stairlift – Useful to know before you purchase a stairlift

Resale value of a used stairlift can dramatically affect the lifetime cost of a stairlift!

Straight stairlifts often have a resale value providing kept in a good condition, as a straight stairlift will often fit on other staircase easily and without modification, making it valuable to the company to refurbish and install in another home for a profit, at bare minimum it should at least be worth a company collecting your stairlift with no charge for spares and repairs. If you are unsure of the value of your second hand straight stairlift it is best to contact a few different companies and see how much they would charge for a removal and also how much they would credit for the stairlifts value.

Curved Stairlifts on the other hand are a lot different, many curved stairlifts not only have no value at the end of their use, but can cost you money to get removed, often companies charge between £250-£300 to remove a curved stairlift. However, if you take a look at the UP Curved Stairlift, this is modular and can be removed and fitted to any other shape of curved stairlift, this may not only save you on removal costs, but add some resale value of up to 25% of the cost of the curved stairlift (this will usually be around £1000!) the things that determine the resale value of the curved stairlift are the age of the stairlift, the condition of the stairlift, the location of the stairlift, and the ease of the removal.

Naturally, the resale value will be dependant on the stock of the supplier, if a supplier has 100 reconditioned straight stairlifts in house that they are yet to sell, then you stairlift will be worth a lot less to them than if they are low on stock of reconditioned stairlifts.

Do I Need to Pay VAT on a Stairlift?

Stairlifts for individuals are VAT Exempt meaning you do not have to pay VAT on the product.

You will need to fill in a VAT exemption form from your stairlift supplier, this can usually be filled in on behalf of the person if they are not able to.

But rather than take our word for it, this government article shows everything you need to know about VAT exemption on stairlifts and other mobility products.

NHS, Council Departments, Care Homes, Residential Homes and some Charities will still pay VAT on products that are for more than one user that is being funded by the organisation themselves.

Straight and Curved Stairlift FAQ’s

  1. How much does a stairlift cost?

This depends on the staircase type, for a straight staircase you will need a straight stairlift – see quick question 2, for a curved staircase you will need a curved stairlift – see quick question 3, if you do not know which staircase type you have please refer to quick question 4.

  1. How much does a straight stairlift cost?

An estimated cost for an average 13 step straight stairlift for a straight staircase is around £1700, they can range from £1500-£2500.

  1. How much does a curved stairlift cost?

The price of an average stairlift is around £4800, this depends on many factors as can be read in the full article, curved stairlifts range from around £3500-£6000 for one flight staircases

  1. Is my staircase a straight staircase or a curved staircase?

If your staircase runs from the bottom to the top with no curves or bends, then it is a straight staircase which requires a straight stairlift, if your staircase has any bends or turns (including 90 degree or 180 degree platforms) then it is considered a curved staircase which requires a curved stairlift, spiral staircases also require a curved stairlift.

  1. Do I need insurance for my stairlift?

Your stairlift should be covered by a warranty period when it is first installed, outside of that it is advisable to take out a service contract to ensure that your stairlift is running all year around and you are protected from any expensive parts failing in the stairlift.

  1. What is the cost of a maintenance contract for my stairlift?

A maintenance contract for a stairlift generally costs around £220 per year, it is important to look for what is included in the contract. You may be able to get the contract for closer to £170-180 if you purchase longer length contracts such as 3 year or 5 year contracts, you will not get this money refunded if the service is no longer required.

  1. What are the running costs of a stairlift?

Aside from a maintenance plan running a stairlift is cheap, it costs around £5-10 a year in electric to power a stairlift.

  1. How much are stairlift repairs?

Stairlift repair costs vary, to give an example of costs we charge £45 call out and £40 per hour we are at the property, any parts used will also be charged for. This is considered to be very competitive in the market so anywhere around these prices would be a fair price to pay.

  1. Do I need to pay VAT on a stairlift?

Private individuals DO NOT need to pay VAT on stairlifts (you will have to fill in a form provided by the supplier). Private companies and some charities will have to pay VAT.

  1. Is there resale value in my used stairlift?

Generally, straight stairlifts may resell for up to 1-25% of the purchase price, depending on age and quality, this will usually need to be deducted from the removal cost if any, depending on the area this price will fluctuate

  1. What is the cost of renting a straight stairlift?

Straight stairlift rentals generally have an installation cost of around £350-£450 (this will usually include removals, it is important to check this when enquiring about a rental straight stairlift.)

From this point they will usually cost anywhere between £10 and £15 per week for the rental of the equipment.

  1. What is the cost of renting a curved stairlift?

Depending on the shape of your staircase some companies may not be able to rent you a curved stairlift at all.

Here we use the UP Stairlift which is modular and we are able to reinstall it on any shape of staircase making it a very viable rental option.

Installation costs for a rental curved stairlift usually lie between £1,000 and £2,000 (usually including removals, check when enquiring about a rental curved stairlift)

Once installed the curved stairlifts will usually cost around £20-£30 per week.