When looking for a stairlift around the Liverpool area, Healthcare Matters Stairlifts may just be your best bet! With the latest technology in Stairlift solutions, we are able to provide many solutions that other companies cannot – due to not having distribution rights and also not being able to compete with our speed of service. Our range of both straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts are not only premium quality but also aesthetically pleasing.

Healthcare Matters Stairlifts provide the best support in the whole of the Liverpool area when renting, purchasing or re-selling a stairlift. We have a trained, highly skilled team who are knowledgeable about stairlifts in the Liverpool area. With 14 years in the medical sector, look no further than Healthcare Matters for all your stairlift needs!

Liverpool Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is used when a staircase goes straight from bottom to landing with no bends, turns or twists.

Around 60% of Liverpool staircases are straight, they are often 13 steps with a rail on right or left hand side.

The popular Bruno Elan and the Bruno Elite are the two most common are the most common straight stairlifts we install, due to their quality, ease of installation and competitive price.

We can also install the Devi-Up stairlift on a straight track, although this can be a more expensive solution the buy back offer as the stairlift is no longer required is often more significant.

A rough price of a straight stairlift in Liverpool is around £1700 installed, but this can range depending on multiple factors, for more of an idea please see our article “how much does a stairlift cost?”

A trained Healthcare Matters assessor is able to come out to any Liverpool area, free of charge to assess your needs and help provide a solution. To book an assessment, contact us now!

Liverpool Curved Stairlifts

A curved stairlift is used when a staircase needs to bend or curve at any point of the stairlift, common types of staircases we fit curved stairlifts for in Liverpool are U shaped staircases (that double back on themselves (two 90 degree bends) and L shaped staircases (go around a 90 degree corner once).

In the Liverpool area of the stairlifts that we fit, around 40% of these are curved stairlifts. Each one of these curved stairlifts are different due the the staircase shapes and fittings being different.

Usually, a huge issue with Liverpool curved stairlifts are that they take a long time to get assessed and manufactured, this process often takes 6-8 weeks for the curved stairlift to be assessed, ordered, manufactured, delivered and installed.

Luckily, Healthcare Matters Stairlifts have sole distribution rights to the Devi-Up stairlift, they are able to assess, price, and install this stairlift the same day, this is due to the patented technology which enables the stairlift to be built from pre-ordered, generic stock parts.

Another positive of the Devi-Up curved stairlift in Liverpool is there is a high demand for second hand curved stairlift due to the reduction in cost of reconditioned stairlifts, the Devi-Up can be taken out of one home and adapted to fit another home with the use of generic stock parts, this gives the curved stairlift resale value.