Manchester Stairlifts | Straight and Curved Stairlifts in Manchester

With all the competition, purchasing a stairlift in Manchester can be a difficult choice! Healthcare Matters Stairlifts aims to make this difficult decision a lot more simple, not relying on our 14 years knowledge and experience in the industry we aim to be the best in all areas throughout the process of renting or buying a stairlift.

Throughout we aim to provide first class service and ensure the perfect outcome for the customer, our field tested process includes:

A free home assessment – our skilled, fully trained stairlift assessors (who have all been DBS checked) will discuss your needs in depth and explain (in detail) options and recommendations tailored to your home and situation ensuring the stairlift you proceed with meets all of your needs.

A free NO OBLIGATION quote – Healthcare Matters do not believe in pressure sales, we believe in solving problems, we not only aim to solve the problem with the best solution available, but at the most competitive prices.

Unlike other companies we will also build installation, warranty, additional extras and an optional service package into your stairlift quote, there will be no hidden charges or surprise fees.

A free drawing – Upon request we will be able to draw the stairlift for you, this way you can see the finish of how the rail will look before you even purchase the lift.

Speedy Professional Install – We know that often waiting weeks and weeks for a stairlift is just not feasible for most people, so we pride ourselves on stocking many straight stairlifts to ensure we will have the right stairlift to put in quickly. We also have the exclusive distribution rights in the Manchester area for DEVI curved stairlifts that are the only current stairlift on the market that can be installed next day on all staircases, we keep these stairlifts in stock.

Also, once we receive the stairlifts from the manufacturer/have them in stock, we work with the customer to ensure that the install is done at the soonest time convenient.

Manchester Straight Stairlifts

Around 60-70% of stairlifts that Healthcare Matters Stairlifts install around Manchester are straight stairlifts. Most of these are installed on 13 step straight staircases, these are by far the most common stairlift in the Manchester area.

The Bruno Elan and Elite straight stairlifts are the most common that we install in the area, the reliability and quality of the product make this a very popular choice.

The rough cost of a straight stairlift in the Manchester area is between £1500-1900, this price includes supply and installation of the stairlift, however the price of a stairlift varies depending on multiple factors, you can read about it in this article.

Manchester Curved Stairlifts

Turns, bends and direction changes in staircases are certain signs that your staircase needs a curved stairlift fitted.

Around 30-40% of stairlifts that we install in the Manchester area are curved stairlifts.

The most popular curved stairlift that we install in the Manchester area is the DEVI UP stairlift. Not only do we have sole distribution rights for the Manchester area but it is the best curved stairlift to have installed when purchasing privately. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fast installation time – curved stairlifts usually take 5-8 weeks from assessment to install due to the drawing and manufacturing process, however with the DEVI UP it can be drawn during the assessment and built entirely from stocked parts. This makes it a product that can be installed SAME DAY if necessary.
  • Can be drawn tailored to your staircase same day in front of your eyes, the software will alert any potential problems and issues before the drawing is sent off.
  • The stairlift can be removed and refitted in a different property, regardless of the staircase type and shape
  • The UP stairlift comes with a guaranteed buyback scheme, which ensures funds when the stairlift is no longer needed.