The UP Stairlift

Developments in the field of stairlifts were at a stand-still for a long time. But now there is the UP from DeVi- Stairlifts.

A stairlift that, thanks to the patented modular rail construction, can be installed within 4 hours without the delaying intervention of a factory.

You can easily configure the stairlift via the webshop and the rail lengths are known immediately.

DeVi-Stairlifts have taken furniture designer Richmond on board who have created a very comfortable seat with a beautiful design.

Quick installation

One of the UP stairlifts attractive features is that it is quick and easy to both install and adjust, this is due to its modular rail and patented curved sections. This makes it possible for a curved stairlift to be insttalled within 4 hours (without intervention from the factory)

Relocation possible

The UP stairlift does not have to stay where it is installed, the system and all parts of the rail can easily be reinstalled to a new shape of staircase and if necessary can be combined with new elements of the stairlift. This also enables us to reuse the stairlift when it is no longer needed.


We are able to build a stairlift infront of you during an assesment, this means we could get the order complete within the same day that it was assessed for, along with our speedy delivery and installation this gives the best possible lead times for a curved stairlift.

Straight and curved application

The UP Stairlift is modular, the parts can be used to install both a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift. On a curved stairlift the track can be installed on the inside or the outside of the stairlift.

Complete as standard

With other stairlift suppliers additional features such as automatic swivel and footplates the UP Stairlift incorporates this as standard. The UP also comes with a classy, sleek seat designed by Richmond

Remote Service

The stairlift is able to give feedback on service/maintenance status and also any issues. This is done via the connected Wifi connection. This enables us to overcome many problems remotely. In addition any repair and maintenance of the stairlift can be planned with appropriate feedback and notes from the system.

Save Money Through Re-Usability

Councils, NHS Trusts, suppliers of care products and end users are able to save money with the UP system. Not only is this system extremely competitive on price but money is also able to be saved by the stairlifts reusability and flexibility. The modular rail construction allows the stairlift to be converted/transferred to other staircases, any additional required parts can be added from stock and are all compatible with the system.

This makes the UP stairlift:

  • A great rental/lease option
  • Reusable & Reinstallable (even when installed as a curved stairlift)
  • Eligible to qualify for a buyback option (providing left in a good condition)
UP Rail