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Wrexham Stairlifts | Straight and Curved Stairlifts in Wrexham

When choosing your stairlift options in Wrexham, look no further than Healthcare Matters. With our Head Office in Wrexham, Healthcare Matters are renowned to provide the best stairlift products and service in the area. With amazing response times, and exclusive access to the latest, high-tech, quality products; when it comes to stairlifts, Healthcare Matters are able to provide a service that other companies simply cannot compete with.

Our company will support you throughout the process, until your stairlift is installed and you are a satisfied customer. We can then be on-hand for the lifetime of the stairlift.

The process can be broken down into three simple stages

  1. A free home assessment: A friendly and trained representative will visit you at time which is convenient to you. We will take time to understand what you require and what you might like. We can then present you with a range of options.
  2. Depending on what you require, we may be able to show you the completed design and provide a price on the spot. Failing that, we will turn a quotation around quickly via our offices.
  3. Should you decide to go ahead, we can often install the stairlift from as quickly as 24 hours from the time you give us the go-ahead.

Wrexham Straight Stairlifts

When a staircase does not bend from the top to the bottom a straight stairlift would be used.

Around 62% of stairlifts we install in the Wrexham area are straight stairlifts, with the majority of these stairlifts being on standard 13 step staircases.

The two most common straight stairlifts that we install in Wrexham brand new Bruno Elan or Elite stairlifts, and reconditioned stairlifts which are often used for rental requirements.

We advise that the rough price of a straight stairlift in the Wrexham is around £1600-£1800 installed (new), this can depend on multiple factors, as you can read about in our article “how much does a stairlift cost?”

Wrexham Curved Stairlifts

When a staircase has bends, twists, turns, change of directions or need to be parked around a corner you need a curved stairlift fitted.

In the Wrexham area around 38% of stairlifts that we install are curved stairlifts. Curves  differ with every installation due to the bespoke nature.

We are the only company in the Wrexham area who have sole distribution rights to the Devi-Up curved stairlift range. This enables us to both design and install a stairlift without delay. This completely wipes out the need to wait 5-6 weeks for your stairlift – as you would with other companies in the area!

Not only is the Devi Up able to be installed much faster than other curved stairlifts on the market, but it provides a lot of other benefits, these include:

  • Powered footplate and automatic swivel as a standard feature
  • The lift is environmentally friendly
  • The lift can be taken out from a property and refitted at another property if the person moves or requires it elsewhere
  • Due to the ability for the stairlift to be reinstall it retains a buyback value so when the lift is no longer required, we will be able to buy it back for a fee (this can be outlined in the initial purchase contract)
  • You will not get charged to collect and dispose of this curved stairlift

Wrexham Reconditioned Stairlifts

Often the more affordable option, we usually have many both reconditioned straight stairlifts and reconditioned curved stairlifts.

Ensuring a reliable, safe and long lasting stairlift is installed in your property when they are taken out of another home, they are given full refurbishment and are fully safety tested before they are ever resold as reconditioned

All reconditioned stairlifts also go through a full cleaning and decontamination process to ensure that it is sparkling clean when leaving our warehouse!